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General terms of sale

General Conditions

All sale operations and services imply the buyer general acceptance of the present terms wich prevail on any other document unless specified previous written contract.

Reservation - Price order - Settlement balance

All reservations are effective upon reception of a 30% minimum on account.
The price offer is final upon receiption of that deposit.
The settlement balance must be done without any reminder within 30 days after the deposit payment date, appearing on the receipt , or on the removal day if it occurs before.

Payment Terms

All our bills must be paid cash unless special agreement between the two parts.
No early settlement, befor the agreed date, could produce any discount.
A penalty will occur in case of delay in payment. Those penalties are payable by rights, without any reminder, the day after the payment date appearing on the bill or thirty days from the date on the reservation receipt, in case the sums would be paid after that date.
In case of changes in the buyer situation, especially in case of death, incapacity, dissolution or change in the company, his buildings mortgage, sale or collateral in his stock-in-trade, we reserve the right, even after a partial order execution, to demand an early payment, deposits or finally, the cancelation of the order balance.

Penalty Clause

In the event the contract would not be respected according the agreed terms and if the situation would turn into an action for debt, the buyer will be indebted, according to the Article 1152 of the Civil Code, as a claim for damages, for a sum representing 15% of the whole price with a 800€ minimum.

Event of Default Clause

In case we would have decided of the time limit or in case of an installment payment, any default in payment at the settlement date would lead, by rights, to the event of default and to the immediate demand of the sums owed by the buyer.

Cancelation Clause

All our sales are concluded under cancelation conditions. In the event of a total default in payment, the seller can by rights, decide of a cancelation of the sale eight days after the reception of a formal registered mail demand by the buyer.
As a penalty, the seller will have the right to keep the deposits.

Dispute Clause

In the event of a litigation relating to an order execution or to its payment, the only competent court is the Lyon Court of Commerce, whatever the general terms of sale and whatever the guarantee of plurality of the defendant.

Title Retention Clause

Delivered goods remain the property of the seller until their complete payment, and until this time, the buyer could not dispose of them through sale, or change them in any way. However, the risks as indicated above, are the responsibility of the buyer from the time of collection or delivery. Credit notes of any kind do not constitute payment.
In the event of the seizure of the goods by a third part, the buyer is responsible for informing the seller.

Transport and Delivery Clause

Only in case of a written agreement, the seller is authorised to carry out either complete or partial deliveries. Otherwise, the whole operation is at the charge of the buyer.

Return Clause

Unless of an early written agreement at the reservation, there will be no return of the goods.


Second-hand materials are not covered by any guarantee. There will be no return nor exchange (see Return clause).
The buyer will not be responsible for any modification, total or partial restructuring on materials.
An assessment could only occur in the buyer's place before the removal of the goods.